SX Mechanics Series

SX Mechanics series for adaptation to customer supplied encoder. Measuring lengths of 1 meter up to 42.5m. The dynamics of the draw wire transducer allows a high motion speed and acceleration of the measuring target. Its rugged design and high quality makes applications in harsh industrial environments possible. Encoder requirements: 36 mm clamping flange, 20 mm shaft length, 10 mm shaft diameter.
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  • Draw Wire Mechanics for Encoder Assembly
  • SX135 Mechanics
Up to 42.5 meters measuring length
  • SX120 Mechanics
Up to 5000mm measuring length
  • SX80 Mechanics
Up to 3000mm measuring length
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Attribute Value
Type SX135 Mechanics Series for Encoder Assembly
Measurement Range from 1 meter up to 42.5 meters
Encoder Requirements
clamping flange diameter: 36 mm, shaft diameter: 10 mm, shaft length: 20 mm
Linearity ±0.05% (with encoder output)
Mechanical Data extraction force, maximum velocity and acceleration - see 'Technical Data' in pdf datasheet
Draw Wire
stainless steel V2A Ø 0.5 mm
Working Temperature -20ºC...+85ºC (optional: -40º...+85ºC or -20ºC...+120ºC)
Housing Aluminum, anodized, spring case PA6


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