RPH Series

Shaft-less Linear Displacement Transducer

Sliding cursor (shaft-less). Pivot linkage for lateral misalignment. 33" x 33" aluminum housing. Infinite resolution conductive plastic element. 100 million movements life. Measuring lengths (stroke lengths) of 100 mm up to 1950 mm. IP40.
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  • LPH Series / Linear Motion Potentiometer
  • Sliding cursor with pivot linkage
  • C1 Connector
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Manufactured by OPKON


Attribute Value
Type Sliding cursor with pivot linkage for lateral misaligment
Measuring Distance (Stroke Lengths) 100 up to 1950 mm
Resistance Value 5k ohms (<650mm), 10k ohms (650mm to 1000mm), 20k ohms (>1000mmm)
Linearity ±0.5% (<75mm), ±0.2% (75-130mm), ±0.1% (130-200mm), ±0.05% (>200mm)
Repeatability < 0.01 mm
Resolution Infinite
Displacement Speed < 5 m/s
Max Supply Voltage 28 VDC
Life Expectancy >100,000,000 Movements
Housing Dimensions 33 x 33 mm (length varies with stroke length, see pdf)
Housing Material Anodized aluminum
Shaft Type Sliding cursor
Shaft Coupling Pivot linkage with M5 thread
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +80ºC
Storage Temperature -30ºC to +90ºC
Mounting Adjustable brackets (included)
Connector 4 pin connector
IP Rating IP65

Main Features


* Sliding cursor (shaftless) with pivot linkage

* 33mm x 33mm ruggedized aluminum housing

* Precision linearity

* Long life

* IP65 environmental rating


* Non standard (fractional) measuring stroke lengths

* Improved linearity and/or resistance tolerances

* Customer specified pre-wiring / connectorization


Optimized to be used as a feedback sensor (closed loop) in industrial applications.

* Medical equipment

* Factory automation systems

* Process control automation

* Hydraulic machinery