S-Beam - AC Output (mV/V)

S-Beam - AC Output (mV/V)

S-Beam Load Cell - mV/V Output

S-beam force transducers with mV/V output are designed to excel in tension force applications such as industrial weighing, batching, and metering systems. S-beam type load cells can also be used in a compression force configuration and provide high load cell integration flexibility. The S-beam load cell with mV/V output offers an outstanding degree of system compatibility by allowing you to choose and integrate your preferred signal amplifier. Integration is simple with the standard “S” shape construction that are made to work in new and existing compatible systems.

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Flexible Integration

P3 America’s S-beam force transducers with mV/V output are the ideal component choice for a number of engineering needs. With our standard internally threaded design, you will be able to leverage our S-beam load cells in a compression or tensile configuration with little to no changes to your application’s design. As an added benefit, you can trust that every S-beam force transducer with mV/V output supplied by P3 America comes with industry standard IP rated protection for the most reliable performance against dust, oil, and water.

Signal Conditioners

For interfacing with your data acquisition system , we offer external signal conditioners (provide a link here?) to convert the mV/V output into various voltage or milliamp outputs. S-beam load cells with integrated signal conditioning are also available to order.

P3 America, Your Trusted Partner

For over 40 years, our engineers and staff have been industry experts in the electronic sensing industry. We are confident our S-beam force transducers with mV/V output, as well as our other load cells are the right devices for your application. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond our extensive load cell catalog. We proudly provide support services during every step of your purchasing process. Reach out to one of our experts today!